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Frequently Asked Questions - System Login

If you have a question about your municipal account, please contact your Town Hall or Fire District directly.  Contact information is available by clicking on the Municipalities button to the left.

Q. Where can I find my Account Number or PIN #?

A. Your account number and PIN# are printed on your tax bill and on most other correspondence that you receive from the Municipality.

Q. I lost my Account # and PIN. Can they be emailed to me?

A. Yes, if you have registrered your email address with the Municipality, you can go to the Login screen for the Municipality and then click on the link that says Recover Login Information

Q. I am not able to log in using my Account Number and PIN#. What could be wrong?

A. Check to be sure you clicked on the correct Town or Fire District. Some of the Fire District names are very similar, for example the Coventry Fire District is different than Central Coventry Fire District. If you pick the wrong one from the list of choices you will not be able to log in. Also note that some municipalities have multiple login screens, one for Real, Tangible and Motor Vehicle accounts and another for Water and/or Sewer accounts.

Q. I have clicked on the correct town but I still can't log in. What else could be wrong?

A. If you are on the correct Town, most likely you are not entering the account number correctly. Please copy the account number exactly as it appears on your bill or notice including any dashes.

Q. I have a question about account, or I think there is an error on my account. Can you help me?

A. Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions about your accounts through this website. You will need to contact your Town Hall or Fire District directly. There is a telephone number for each Municipality if you click the Municipalities button on the left side of the screen.

Q. I still have a question that is not answered here. What options do I have?

A. Please contact the Municipality or Fire District directly with any questions.

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